Weekly Blog

To the family and community of Melrose Park OSHC, this page is a snapshot of all the fun activities, craft and sports that we enjoy at before and after school care.

Our weekly blogs outline just some of the exciting things we do throughout the week. It contains photos that parallel a short blurb describing how the children fill their time.

Please have a look at the announcements included, which detail important events such as Vacation Care notices, important dates and other parent information.

It takes a lot of time putting this together, so please take a look. You never know, you might even be able to spot your child!

Term 4, 2020

Spring Vacation Care 2020

Term 3, 2020

July Vacation Care 2020

Term 2, 2020

Term 1, 2020

Term 4, 2019

Term 3, 2019

Vacation Care, 2019

Term 2, 2019

Vacation Care, 2019

Term 1, 2019

Term 4, 2017

Spring Vacation Care Blog


July Vacation Care Newsletter


Term 3, 2017

Term 3, 2016

 Winter Vacation Care                                             

 Term 2, 2016Image 1 - background